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Important Information for Parents
We should like to work in partnership with our students families, so the involvement of parents, their comments and suggestions are greatly valued and appreciated. We can work together if...

1. You share news about your child. This will help us to understand him/her much better.
2. Share special interest or talents of your child.
3. Encourage your child to be independent by learning to dress, put on their shoes and socks and go to the toilet.
4. Nappies (Panties) and toiletries should be provided by the parents, "Potty training" is a must. We request for a spare set of clothes/panty etc. in case of the 'odd accident' occurring.
Kindly label every thing the child carries to school, with large bold permanent marker.
5. Parent's are advised to provide a mid day meal or snacks for their child that is healthy and nutritious, as well as drinking water. (Please do not sent, maggie, rice, snacks like dalmoth, kurkure, puffs and unhealthy junk food).
It is advised to the parents to make small part of meals, so that the child may form a habit of taking food by itself.
6. The staff is appropriately trained to feed the younger children and ensure that the food is handled hygienically by the children.
7. To get the best from the school for your child, mother is advised to maintain close contact with class teacher.
8. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are brought and picked up on time to avoid inconvenience.
9. The school organizes mother meetings in which students reports is given, which is a gradual and comprehensive assessment of child's personality and educational development.
10. Remarks made in the school home work diary should be check and signed regularly by the parents.


.Fully air conditioned classes.
.Spacious, airy and colourful rooms for kids.
.Experienced staff.
.Individual attention to the students.
.Games & Co-curricular activities.
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